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        Mission of Carlson College

  The philosophy underlying the programmes recognizes that students arrive
  at the College with different educational and cultural backgrounds and
  needs. These programmes are therefore offered to provide learning
  opportunities in order to :

  (i) admit students with varying educational experiences;
  (ii) offer students a good academic foundation that leads to occupational
       competence and/or qualifications necessary for transfer to a university;
  (iii) encourage students to aspire to excellence in the educational process,
       making significant choices and developing self-direction;
  (iv) assist students to develop social awareness and consciousness;
  (v) assist students to become more readily employable and to enhance
       their social and economic opportunities and status.

  教育宗旨 :  有教無類,造就英才
    Academic Programmes

  Carlson College and MIEG offer One-Year Diploma, Two-Year Associate
  Diploma Program and Three-Year Advanced Diploma Program in
  Management Studies.

  Students of these Diploma Programs can transfer study at overseas
  universities which have articulated agreements with us. Students can apply
  for direct entry to 2nd, 3rd; and/or 4th Year of these universities. Below are
  some of the universities which we have reached agreement with :

  Ashland University, USA  
  Bemidji State University, USA  
  Colorado Technical University, USA  
  University of Northern Virginia, USA  
  Davenport University, USA  
  Johnson & Wales University, USA  
  University of Dubaque, USA  
  University of Scranton, USA  
  Anglia Ruskin University, UK  
  The University of Buckingham, UK  
  University of Northumbria, Newcastle, UK  
  University of Bedfordshire, UK  
  Australian Catholic University, Australia  
  University of Ballarat, Australia  
  Central Queensland University, Australia  
  Auckland University of Technology, NZ  
  Whitireia Polytechnic, NZ  
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